There are Five Important Components To Consider When Developing A Strategy For A Successful Web Presence:

Web Site Design:  The Web Advantage can build you an outstanding site which is aesthetically pleasing, functional, interactive, provides value, is easy to navigate, and loads quickly. Your site should be "fresh", so that visitors are compelled to BookMark it and return often to find new and updated content. Images and graphical elements should be integrated to be appealing to the viewer and optimized for fast browser downloading.

Currently we offer three different types of packages;

All the above Sites include Company logo and a set of navigation buttons.

For Advanced Web Design, Custom Art, Animation, Java, Shockwave, etc.. prices vary.... please inquire.

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Domain Name: Every site on the Internet must have an address. As the use of the Internet grows, addressing and how people find you becomes one of the critical choices a Company or Individual must make. A Domain name is a key part of your address.

The Web Advantage is an example of a Domain Name. In this example "www.the" is a second-level Domain name, and is registered with InterNIC, the Domain Registry. The ".com" is a top-level-Domain name and usually describes the purpose or the organization of the entity that owns the second level Domain name. A Domain name is also an important part of an email address. When used for an email address, the Domain name follows the @ sign and must consist of a top-level and second-level Domain name.

Once you own a Domain name, you can provide all Internet services including personal or business Web Sites, E-mail, FTP, dial-up & Telnet using that Domain name or address.

Other people buy Domain names for investment purposes. Domain names are like real estate. Once you secure a Domain name no one else can use it without your permission. You can develop the Domain name by adding content or you can just wait to see if its value increases as more people join the Internet and are aware of its implications.

Valuing Domain names is much like valuing any piece of "intellectual property" in that price is a difficult question to answer. The short answer is, an Internet Domain Name is worth what ever some one is willing to pay, or sell it for. Domain names have sold for prices ranging from $50 to over $1,000,,000.

One reason for the increase in Domain name value is the importance a Domain name plays in the ability for a site to be found and recognized. In the physical world it is common for the success of a retailer or restaurant to be directly related to their location. Hence the phrase, "location, location, location". On the Internet there are no physical locations but rather sites are found and recognized by the address they choose, many companies today are even choosing the branding of their services or products based on their ability to secure the appropriate Domain name.

The alternative to owing your own Domain Name is to be listed as an extention of an existing Domain, example:

The Web Advantage Basic fees: We facilitate your domain name acquisition, $50 for the first two years; US$25 per year thereafter.

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Hosting Server: Your web site needs to be a on fast web server that is close to the Internet's backbone; It should be connected with large, fast, redundant connections.
The servers should be reliable with a minimum of downtime for repair and maintenance, and operational at an optimum level 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The web server should be accessible for updates and changes the to site's content anytime of the day or week; Expert technical assistance should be readily available should the need arise.
The Web Advantage utilizes hosting servers that are used by Fortune 1000 companies, featuring OC3 connections (24 banded T3 lines), with battery back-up. We have access 24 hours a day to make scheduled or emergency changes and updates to our clients' web sites. Email and data submitted from a web page can be easily accessed by our clients at any time.

We offer 50 MB storage and UNlimited "through-put"

Finally, Statistics are available to assist your company track online trends and develop future marketing strategies. These can include (but are not limited to): the number of visitors, their origin, the time of day they visited and which pages were visited.

The Web Advantage Basic fees: One-time Server Set-up Fee: $175 Monthly Hosting Fee: $40 per month (no maintenance)
Secure server-->SECURE Server for commerce transactions:
One-time SECURE Server Set-up Fee: $75 Monthly Hosting Fee: $20 per month (no maintenance)

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Site Administration: Maintaining a web site and keeping the content 'fresh' for returning visitors can be a time consuming process. Additionally, as the standards for Internet protocol are continually revised with the increasing advances in technology, it is important to keep abreast of, and be knowledgeable in, these new developments. If you don't want to worry about HTML coding, updates, and changes let The Web Advantage web site administrators take care of your site for you, leaving you free to run your business!

The Web Advantage Basic Monthly Maintenance: $30 per month Four changes per month Basic text changes within 24 hours Comprehensive Web Site statisitics
-->Full Time Daily Maintenance Available.. prices vary.... please inquire.

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Marketing & Promotion: Having a web site is not enough. It is important to continually promote your site to reach your selected target audience and the growing millions of online users, worldwide, who use a varying degree of Internet Search tools.
As the Internet grows and more web sites are available, HOW your site can be found becomes the most important aspect.

FREE!-->The Web Advantage Marketing: For The Web Advantage Clients, Free first-time Submission to over 200 Internet Search Engines & Directories Repeat submissions only $25
Advanced Promotional programs (Site Promotion, Banner Ads, Reciprocal Links, Search Engine Positioning, etc..) available.... go to MARKETING.

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The Web Advantage is the Internet marketing professional you want, and need, to facilitate your business goals on the World Wide Web.

At The Web Advantage we can handle all your needs:

  • Consultation
  • Development
  • Internet Market Research
  • Custom Graphics and Custom Art
  • Digitally Scanned Photos
  • Design, Styling, & Layout
  • HTML Programming
  • Hypertext "Hotlinks" Development
  • Animation & Animated GIF's
  • QuickTime, Java, ActiveX, Shockwave
  • Online Order/Survey Forms
  • Internet Electronic Commerce
  • Hosting
  • Online Server Storage
  • Search Engine Registration
  • E-mail
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Instant Updates
  • Site Statistics & Business Marketing plans
  • Full Site Administration & Maintenance available!
  • Training Seminars & Online/Distance consultation

You'll find The Web Advantage to be the Internet Marketing Professionals you need today, for your business to succeed in the growing Online World tomorrow!

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